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We do a lot of traveling today—an annual average of 13,476 miles per person, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Signage is an essential part of making our mobile lives as safe and convenient as possible; they keep us informed of sharp turns or nearby children, tell us when to stop or yield, and let us know of upcoming construction areas and hazards.

Although reading signs has become automatic and second nature for drivers, road managers and property owners know that carefully choosing the right warnings and indicators is a matter of public safety. In patek philippe cheap these pages, you’ll learn more about the history of signs, the kinds of traffic signs available, how to customize traffic signs, and the conventions we use to make sure all motorists can understand their messages.

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Dead End Signs
Road signs have been ubiquitous since they were first used in ancient Rome. Milestones are the first-known version of road signs, watches replica which express direction and distance. Recovered markers generally communicate the distance to or from Rome.
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Expressway Signs
Most road signs in the United States are made using reflective aluminum materials to ensure visibility in day and night. For over 60 years, retroreflective signage has been the standard on the road.
Color Traffic Signs
The large green custom traffic signs that adorn highways have become an immediately recognizable icon of the American interstate. Practically replica watches all of these custom green signs use a transparent, 3M MCS ink.
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