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Types of traffic signs

Traffic signs aren’t simply an array of road rules. Sure, they tell drivers where to go and how to do it, but road signs fulfill many more vital roles. They warn drivers of inclement weather or road conditions. They mark distance and direction. They help protect pedestrians, cyclists, and school children. They can help encourage courteous behaviors, identify recreational areas, or advertise brands. Signs are diffuse and different as places themselves. Broadly classified, here are eight commonly-found types of traffic signage:
Regulatory signs
Regulatory Signs
Regulatory signs, such as speed limit signs, are meant to instruct motorists on how they should be driving. These signs either communicate a command (stop, yield, etc.) or are responsible for setting the legal safety guidelines on the road.
Guide signs
Guide Signs
Guide signs keep drivers safe by informing them of upcoming hazards and unconventional changes in the road. Keep right signs, railroad signs, and curve signs are all examples of guide signs.
route marker signs
Street signs
Street Signs
Street signs should be clearly visible at every intersection or streetcorner. Commonly stolen street signs include “Ocean Avenue,” “Penny Lane,” and “Abbey Road.”
Route marker signs
Route Marker Signs
Route marker signs, such as the one in the image to the left (specially designed for the Route 66 of Nat King Cole fame) concisely display the numbered route. They are usually accompanied by arrows indicating the route direction.
expressway signs
Expressway signs
Expressway Signs
Expressway signs are much like route marker signs, except that they generally indicate roads with heavier traffic. These signs display route numbers encircled by a shape in the form of a shield.
Freeway signs
Freeway signs
Familiar blue, red, and white freeway signs indicate an interstate route. They always feature white numbers. The sign itself is in the shape of a shield, and may contain directional arrows pointing to the upcoming on ramp.